Core components of intelligent information world

VCSEL (Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser),is a key device in 3D imaging module, which has the advantages of high photoelectric conversion efficiency, easy integration of two-dimensional light-emitting array, low cost, small divergence angle, etc. It is widely used in 3D recognition sensing, optical communication, optical interconnection and other fields.

Device Introduction

VCSEL is a semiconductor laser that, as the name, shoots perpendicular to the top

  • The luminescent layer is called multiple quantum well (MQW), in which MQW composed of InGaAs and AlGaAs is the most suitable

    *The ratio of indium (in) can determine the wavelength of laser emission

  • P-DBR and n-dbr are the upper and lower parts of MQW emitting layer, which are used to screen out the "pure" light of specific wavelength. Since the direction of the outgoing light is usually at the top, a layer of substrate is needed at the bottom


VCSEL is key device in AI world

  • 3D Sensing

    VCSEL is key component in 3D sensing for consumer electronics. By 2020, VCSEL market for smartphones is expected to reach $2B.

  • Datacom/Cloud computing

    Global VCSEL market for datacom is expected to reach 10 billion dollar.

  • IoT

    VCSEL is key sensing device for IoT. By 2025, billions of ports will be connected in IoT. Global market for IoT is expected to exceed 30 trillion dollar.

  • Automotive

    VCSEL will be widely used in sensing and communication in auto-pilot cars. By 2030, Lidar usage will exceed 300 million.



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